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ONE YEAR. 365 days. endless amounts of conversations and laughs. memories i am never going to forget, and i will hold onto them until the day i die. it’s actually crazy how you can know a person for not even a huge fraction of your life and once you meet them..they become your life. being your friend was amazing, but meeting you in person there was just that instant connection. i had no intention for falling for you, but i did. and i fell super hard. you can’t pick and chose who you love, for example your family. they are there for you no matter what and have no option but to love you.. thats like me with you. life without you…just isnt life. one week without you was plain out hell..2 weeks i’m basically dead. but we make it work. we may not have been nor will we ever be one of those cute high school couples who hang out everyday after school or sit next together at lunch…but we use the time we have with eachother whenever you come to see me as this precious thing and don’t take it for granted, and that is something many relationships don’t necessarily have. dillon marshall martyn i could sit here for hours and hours writing on what i love about you. you’ll see a lot of that in the gift i made you.:) it’s a special day. and i can honestly say.. you are the person i wanna spend the rest of my life with. you make me the happiest person. it’s been a year although it feels like maybe 2-3 months..time FLIES by when you are spending time with a person you love, doing fun things, and just having a blast with your bestfriend. it won’t be long until we are going to wakeup and kiss eachother good morning and fix some cute little breakfast’s for each other, go on cute runs, go shopping for each other, go to classes, help each other study, kiss maybe a little :))) i just know that there isn’t another person i would want to do anything like that with. sure there would be, but why would i do that when i have the best thing that has ever happened to me right there with me to tell me they love me every night and make me feel like the more special girl in the world? it would be crazy. every night you tell me you love me more after i say i love you. and i’m not gonna disagree because i know you’ll still think you’re right.. but dimps. i love you with my entire heart,soul,body,BUTTTTT…everything i got. You are a very special person. I am beyond thankful to have had to privilege to meet you, even more to be able to call you MINE. Many more years to come babe. Love you more.












Never satisfied.  17 yrs old

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Hello 😏🐯

okay can I be the first to say that the 17 year olds at my school look nothing like this

does he come from teen wolf or something?

Holy. Mother. Fucking. Jesus. Christ. 👌

he could be the first teenager to actually play a highschooler on teenwolf

Umm actually Dylan Sprayberry is actually a teenager he is 16

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dogs dealing with cats sleeping in their beds

If u are sad pls watch this vid

i am cats

That just made my night


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I also like brett tho

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I can’t agree with this cause she was stuck in a coyote form for 8 years so she really doesn’t know patience or personal space or caring about others. She is very independent

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I couldn’t agree more

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Since when did posting a picture have to make sense


my blog will make you horny ;)

Lol third wheelin

  • me watching titanic: maybe it wont hit the iceberg this time
  • this is Monica watching titanic every time ^^
  • why would you comment in a chat post like what is wrong with you

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